U.S. Embassy Ankara – From Your Perspective

U.S. Embassy Ankara – Sence/From Your Perspective is about you – it is about what you see and what you experience.  For all of us,  how we see the world around us begins with where we stand, our past experiences, our perceptions, our interpretations, and our beliefs.   With this exhibition through a variety of mediums, […]

Indian Country Today Media Network – Art in Embassies, Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Biden Honor 5 Native Artists

Indian Country Today Media Network – Art in Embassies, Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Biden Honor 5 Native Artists at the VP’s Home – Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, honored five Native American and Alaskan Native artists last night in a reception at their home in Washington DC. In […]

The Botswana Gazette – Americans workshop with Thapong artists

The Botswana Gazette – This past week, Thapong artists were treated to a four day workshop which was organized by the Art in Embassies Program. Curator of Cultural Programs at the Art in Embassies for the US Department of State, Welmoed Laanstra explained that “cross cultural exchange is important to us. The last exchange we […]

All Africa – Okavango Artists learn from American Experts

All Africa – Maun — Okavango Artists Association (OAA) members have received training on abstract art expressions from three American experts at Nhabe museum in Maun recently. In an interview, the OAA chairperson, Ompatile Sebuelo said they requested professional artists from USA through the American Embassy to impart skills to their members. Sebuelo noted that […]

RISD EDU – Art in Embassies Morocco Mission Accomplished

RISD EDU – Nearly four years ago, sculptor Jim Drain 98 SC worked with an interdisciplinary group of students over Winter session to create a site-specific work for the new US embassy then under construction in Rabat, Morocco. Board of Trustees Vice Chair Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn 83 TX (above right) supported the Art in Embassies: Morocco […]

All Africa – Botswana: U.S. Embassy to Support Upcoming Artists

All Africa – Botswana artists are set to benefit from an Art in Embassies cultural exchange that will be hosted by the United States of America Embassy in collaboration with Thapong Visual Arts Centre. Speaking in an interview, coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Reginald Bakwena said the first cultural exchange will be held in […]

artnet – U.S. Ambassador to Spain’s Blue Chip Art Collection

artnet – US Ambassador to Spain James Costos and his partner Michael S. Smith, an interior designer, have opened up their Madrid residence for a public viewing of their world class art collection, according to El Pais. Costos and Smith moved to the residence in 2013, and were one of the first same-sex couples to […]

National Gallery of Canada Magazine – Art in Embassies Presents Contemporary Conversations Lecture Series with Eric Fischl

National Gallery of Canada Magazine – Art in Embassies presents the Contemporary Conversations Lecture Series featuring Eric Fischl – The third in the Art in Embassies, U.S. Embassy Ottawa and the National Gallery of Canada public dialogues will feature internationally acclaimed American painter and sculptor Eric Fischl. Hailed as one of the most influential figurative […]

Bangor Daily News – Appleton artist’s ‘Library’ reaches international audience

Bangor Daily News- Appleton artist’s ‘Library’ reaches international audience – Artist Abbie Read of Appleton didn’t know what to make of the email that appeared in her inbox in spring 2014. “It said something like, ‘Hello, I’m with the Art in Embassies program and I’d like to talk with you about sending one of your […]

Arizona Journal – Petrified Forest Inspires Painter

Arizona Journal – Northland Pioneer College students enjoyed the latest installation of Petrified Forest National Park’s Artist-In-Residence program, hosted Tuesday at the school’s Little Colorado Campus in Winslow. Petrified Forest Ranger Kip Woolford and NPC 2-D Art Professor Peterson Yazzie welcomed and presented the artist to 12 students beginning their second week of Yazzie’s Fine […]

Washington Post – His parents wanted him to run the farm, but he had other ideas

Washington Post – Joseph Vodlan remembers the moment — about 70 years ago — that he became an artist. He was 5 or so years old, and playing with figurines made from pine bark at his family’s home in Slovenia. World War II was in progress, but this summer morning was calm. As he was […] U.S. Embassy in Sudan Unveils New Art Exhibition – Ever since the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, unveiled its collection of 40 original artworks on June 24, embassy visitors have been enjoying an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, photographs and fiber works by Sudanese and American artists that explore such themes as ritual, identity, symbolism and spirituality. These works, assembled by curator […]
U.S. Embassy Dakar
VSA quilt detail

Celebrating Artists with Disabilities

Art in Embassies Accepts Quilt from former U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith and VSA Tennessee – Art in Embassies is pleased to announce its acceptance of the 40 Days Around The World Quilt, a unique work of art generously donated to the Department of State by former U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith on behalf of […]

NGC Online – Contemporary Conversations Event Featuring Artist Nick Cave

NGC Online – Art in Embassies and U.S. Embassy Ottawa Partner with National Gallery of Canada on Contemporary Conversations Event Featuring Artist Nick Cave – The Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) and U.S. Embassy Ottawa are pleased to announce the next event in the Contemporary Conversations series of public lectures by […]
Nick Cave describes his Soundsuits at the National Gallery of Canada.
mulvane art museum – Mulvane Art Museum Loans 6 Paintings To U.S. Embassy in Moscow – The Mulvane Art Museum was recently contacted by the Art in Embassies program of the U. S. State Department to lend several large paintings to the American Embassy in Moscow. The current ambassador to Russia, John F. Tefft, is originally from Wisconsin, and he requested landscape paintings that depicted the Midwest and the […]

Boston Globe – Ambreen Butt demonstrates art of diplomacy

Boston Globe – Ambreen Butt demonstrates art of diplomacy. Ambreen Butt has always made political art. Early in her career, the Pakistani-born artist now based in the Boston area investigated the tug of two cultures in mixed-media paintings and drawings. These led Butt to make larger pieces, often painstakingly crafted from many tiny parts, exploring […]
Ambreen Butt working on commissioned art for U.S. Embassy Islamabad

W Magazine – Diplomatic Dash

W Magazine – Ambassador James Costos and his partner, White House decorator Michael Smith, are zhushing up the U.S. Embassy in Madrid with visionary art – The decorator Michael Smith is an excitable kind of guy, and as he walks around the residence at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid pointing out some of the artworks […]

The Ties That Bind

Art in Embassies in Ottawa: The Ties that Bind. When Vicki Heyman and her husband, U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, want to get away for a few days, they head to Montreal to shop, eat and relax. “We’ve gone on our own, taken our friends and have been in Montreal on business. I just […]
The Ties that Bind

The Art Newspaper-Idris’s Diplomatic Art

The Art Newspaper – the Birmingham born artist Idris Khan is in demand: Art in Embassies, the public art programme founded by the US government which places works in US consulates worldwide, has commissioned a new work by the ubiquitous London based wunderkind. The piece, a stamp painting incorporating English text and Arabic calligraphy, is […]

American artists fêted in Madrid

Artists honored at the AIE exhibition in Madrid – White House interior designer Michael S. Smith and his partner, US Ambassador to Spain James Costos, opened their newly decorated Madrid residence to visiting American art heavyweights last week. The dinner honored Studio Museum in Harlem director Thelma Golden, Glenn Ligon and Chicago-based Theaster Gates, visiting […]
Thelma Golden (left) and Glenn Ligon (right)
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