US Embassy Riyadh: Art in Embassies 2012

U.S. Ambassador to Riyadh introduces the Art in Embassies collection in 2012. 

Full Transcript

0:03 I for stuff warm welcome you all
0:06 NY points yes we call this setback is home in 30
0:11 and we certainly enjoy sharing follow
0:15 all my wife is gonna be briefed and that’s because we get along with people
0:20 who all
0:20 this column play down here will be on the fiddle
0:24 flash file and depending on the piece is she’s playing
0:28 and comment corinne will be on the piano
0:31 you’ll be pakula thank them for
0:34 generously coming to I’ll play for us tonight
0:39 the mall there around to see some of the Iowa
0:42 giving the background love that as a
0:46 I’ll what’s called the Lightning embassies program President Kennedy in
0:50 1963
0:51 set up a program where the embassy
0:54 having access to american arms so
0:58 when Jenna I found out that will come in saudi arabia
1:01 sold the art than we thought into
1:05 thanks to the house was like the first step in the finding
1:08 I’ll that that I journey
1:12 both Janice mother was at both collector and my mother
1:16 wasn’t Poulter like what you see laid on the table
1:19 my mother halted to quell the GC
1:23 in the hallway up the Eagle my mother called in 1976
1:29 say the bicentennial I don’t think she ever imagined
1:32 that would be heading in Riyadh Saudi Arabia one day
1:35 but the quill is a American assemble a family because it is passed down from
1:41 generation to generation and then
1:44 on the hill hallway if they’re sad the first piece we paid
1:49 the to false by this wonderful ladies name change Frankie
1:53 me she jenny was born in Saint Louis case we happened to me
1:57 some people from Southwest Missouri State University
2:01 and by the way they have several hundreds of students University have a
2:05 wonderful program
2:06 I’ll to bring side dish to the CIA and we heard about the paul Vance collection
2:12 power and you see that
2:14 our of of several pieces here
2:17 on its collection but paul manse all was an early
2:21 employees arantxa in the early fifties he came over and spent 30 years
2:26 in the issue apartments been collected all these pieces
2:30 and then went back to Missouri and built a museum for
2:33 so southwest Missouri State University got
2:36 museums call all men’s collection and they graciously
2:40 set some of that to us to be apart all this collection hey
2:45 doctor my heart wasn’t at the time
2:48 professional far at nor University
2:51 so she brought works from all hope for
2:55 women students that phrase
2:58 Quincy house for about six months
3:02 I got to my high just came back from my
3:05 here albright fellowship at Harvard or should get a graduate degree
3:10 in Islamic art so she’s shirley’s continue that so
3:15 they the Arctic you see here from are
3:18 sunnier me know bland purely
3:21 from a marvelous but it is the planning to families
3:25 stuck to my have brought her family year
3:29 are ours and the connection for us to quell
3:32 has passed down for generations a this is what they are
3:36 embassy problem is here to represent I’ll tell you
3:40 that only been here two and a half years now
3:43 we’ve been warmly embraced all
3:46 we found saudis to be the most warm hospitable generous people with after
3:50 that
3:51 and we feel fortunate to be a part of your family
3:54 and the really appreciate that you came
3:57 enjoy the evening with a sissy so thank you very much