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  • TOKYO 2015
  • HAVANA 2015
  • MOSCOW 2015
  • MUSCAT 2013
  • ASTANA 2015

Featured Artists

  • Cedric BakerCedric BakerVIEW

    I was born in North Carolina and my family soon moved to New York City, I would spend most of my youth between the two places. As a young man I served in the U.S. Air Force, after which I would use the G.I.Bill to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an artist. My schooling began at Sacramento City...
  • Michele de la MenardiereMichele de la MenardiereVIEW

    Michele de la Menardiere is a professional fine artist and award-winning graphic designer based in San Francisco, California. A Washington, DC native, Michele spent her childhood steeped in endless creative play, outings to the Smithsonian museums, and wonderfully rich stories from her French and Ch...
  • Kyoung Ae ChoKyoung Ae ChoVIEW

    Kyoung Ae Cho is engaged in a conversation with nature. Nature, she asserts, has been conducting experiments into processes and metamorphosing natural materials for millions of years. But because Cho wants to explore nature's rhythm in our culture and our interaction with nature, her natural world ...
  • Andy KatzAndy KatzVIEW

    The photographs created by Andy Katz have taken him around the globe. From the Old Country in Eastern Europe to the California wine country, which he now calls home, his subjects are as diverse as his travels and adventures. The images in Katz’s books, A Portrait of Napa and Sonoma; Vineyard; The...


Art in Embassies Accepts Quilt from former U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith and VSA Tennessee - Art in Embassies is pleased to announce its acceptance of the 40 Days Around The World Quilt, a unique work of art generously donated to the Department of State by former U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith on behalf of VSA Tennessee (a state affiliate of VSA, The International Organization on Arts, Education and Disability). The quilt patches together a collection of colorful squares submitted by VSA affiliate artists from 36 different states and 39 countries. Serving as a reminder of the creative accomplishments and abilities of all people, it will be displayed at U.S. diplomatic facilities around - read more>

July 14, 2015

Art in Embassies and U.S. Embassy Ottawa Partner with National Gallery of Canada on Contemporary Conversations Event Featuring Artist Nick Cave - The Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) and U.S. Embassy Ottawa are pleased to announce the next event in the Contemporary Conversations series of public lectures by renowned American artists at the National Gallery of Canada (NGC), in conjunction with the exhibition of their work at the Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, the Honorable Bruce A. Heyman. The next event on May 28, 2015 will feature artist Nick Cave in conversation with NGC Associate Curator of Contemporary Art Jonathan Shaughnessy, with opening remarks by AIE - read more>

May 22, 2015

Diplomatic Dash W Magazine

Ambassador James Costos and his partner, White House decorator Michael Smith, are zhushing up the U.S. Embassy in Madrid with visionary art -
The decorator Michael Smith is an excitable kind of guy, and as he walks around the residence at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid pointing out some of the artworks and objects he’s installed here since moving in two years ago with his partner, Ambassador James Costos, he finds no shortage of opportunities to use the word “amazing.” In the entrance hall are Roy Lichtenstein’s Mirror (1970) and Robert Rauschenberg’s Bilbao Scraps (1997), both on loan through the Department of State’s Art in Embassies program... - Full story at W Magazine -

April 27, 2015

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