Thomas Glassford Installation at U.S. Consulate General, Tijuana

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0:21THOMAS GLASSFORD:You go through the world and you find everyone’s always you know, from
0:24a child’s first sun drawing to — you know there’s political — the starburst is like,
0:30like the most favorite thing in a certain way — the idea of an astral form and this
0:34kind of symbol of kind of otherworldliness — God, you know rays you know all these kind
0:39of things so hence the collection of astral forms.
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0:55Having grown up on the border of Texas and Mexico, for me the border was always — is
1:00always been a grey zone, which is not necessarily part of Mexico or part of the United States
1:05for that matter like many border zones around the world. And in a certain way, the United
1:14States has been my motherland I would say that, or fatherland or vice-versa, I would
1:17say that the opposite is true with Mexico. I have been living in Mexico for 21 years
1:22and producing and working from Mexico as a Mexican artist as well as an American artist.
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1:33This work was conceived and built completely in Mexico City as well. This is [unknown]
1:40– Mexican. There’s another Mayan down here. There’s the — there’s the Aztec calendar.
1:45This is one of the sym… — in Mexico City all the, all the metro stops also have symbols
1:49for if there’s people that are not reading the language or are not literate. That’s [unknown].
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3:24[Laughter] I’m ready for my drink, what else do you want? [Laughter]
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