AIE Taipei 2011

Television interview with AIT director William Stanton.

Full Transcript

0:00 ANCHOR: (Speaking Mandarin)
0:23 VOICEOVER: (Speaking Mandarin)
0:46 STANTON: In a sense it’s a remind that, no matter how sophisticated we are, holding
0:58 a glass of wine or sitting in what looks like a café or a bar. There’s a certain aspect
1:10 at which we basically are, at root, animals. When you look at them, I find them really
1:15 intriguing. I also love it because of the brilliant colors. But they are also identifiably
1:21 in a way slightly Asian in the features.
1:28 VOICEOVER: (Speaking Mandarin)
1:32 STANTON: This is a landscape and it’s a miniature but I think it’s beautifully framed
1:38 and the composition is impressionistic.
1:41 INTERVIEWER: (off camera) Have you ever been there?
1:45 STANTON: Of course. Well, it’s Yehliu?
1:48 INTERVIEWER: Yehliu.
1:49 STANTON: Yehliu.
1:50 VOICEOVER: (Speaking Mandarin)
1:52 STANTON: When you look at it, you can think about which sign of the zodiac is it and what
1:59 does it represent and based on you can try to figure out is the one I like the most the
2:05 one that represents my sign? I think it presents sort of a visual puzzle in many ways for people
2:11 as they arrive.
2:15 VOICEOVER: (Speaking Mandarin)
2:26 STANTON: (Speaking Mandarin)
2:36 CHEF: (Speaking Mandarin)
2:46 STANTON: (Speaking Mandarin)
2:56 VOICEOVER: (Speaking Mandarin)