Art In Embassies Collections

Celebrating 250 Years of American Democracy
As the U.S. approaches the 250th anniversary of its founding, Art in Embassies is working with cultural institutions, artists, families, and galleries to curate art collections that will be available for exhibition in U.S. Embassies and Ambassadors’ Residences under blanket long-term loan agreements.

The Department of State recognizes the potential of art as a universal language that transcends borders. Artworks from these long-term loan collections can communicate subtle narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and mutual appreciation. Furthermore, they can play a role in challenging stereotypes and fostering empathy. By incorporating elements that challenge preconceived notions or showcase our common humanity, these collections will contribute to breaking down barriers and promoting a more interconnected global society.

Morning Colors, 2023, by Kristin Cronic, a recent 250 for 250 donation

250 for 250
Also in celebration of the 250th anniversary of America’s founding, Art in Embassies will add 250 new donated artworks to its repository of works, an initiative called 250 for 250. On the heels of AIE’s 60th anniversary Democracy Collection initiative, 250 for 250 artworks, combined with collections of long-term blanket loans from leading cultural institutions, will support American diplomats globally to celebrate 250 years of American democracy.