Art in Embassies Tour 2011 - Reykjavik

This video is a tour of U.S. Ambassador Luis Arreaga’s “Art in Embassies” Reykjavik collection. Collection curator Bob Soppelsa, Senior Curator for the Art in Embassies Program of the U.S. Department of State, is the tour guide for this video.

Full Transcript

1:23 these two programs
1:25 are
1:26 in from the mapping are his
1:29 I’ll I’m congressman who dis worries in the world
1:33 he is the official library
1:37 United States there are more than
1:40 million visual documents
1:44 in migrated horses for
1:47 I’m among them these two people were arrested
1:50 is no eskimo probably
1:54 we’ll be home to the mood
1:57 million teens from
2:00 very early in the 20th century them these from
2:03 probably 1915 think you’re right next to me
2:08 you movies 19-7 the usual
2:12 min traditional dress the usual
2:15 women who obviously have been
2:19 whose governor as the problems
2:23 boozing Remi’s to you
2:26 being there with the new is grisly
2:29 or in the medium
2:34 coach Jim that mean you’re leaving his injury was not
2:37 being which in turn is no you know
2:41 anymore there I and living through
2:44 come to adopt modern ways
2:48 using slovenes refused to use does but also
2:53 continuing to use drones and knowing
3:25 the northwest England is rich
3:28 in animal life and the animals
3:31 plea large part in the
3:35 mythologies and legends historia
3:39 origin people
3:40 world gingerly is relief carving
3:45 pool or panel portrays
3:48 and we’re killer a
3:51 which appears very frequently in the arts
3:55 people’s west coast it also
3:58 is a would his typical with
4:01 use with roots here I’m
4:05 and is paid month we
4:08 paid you look carefully at the service you will see
4:12 the is car all
4:15 my hand individually challenged he may
4:19 think the curving using writer using
4:22 he botanical to
4:26 hopefuls who at the start
4:30 immersion artist take advantage of modern technologies
4:34 with your to him more
5:04 another the animals appears very frequently
5:07 in the northwest coast is the ego
5:10 because there are many goals in that part of the world because
5:15 Eagles or she members just as the
5:19 most work with people’s are issue people
5:22 and I’m here and abstraction
5:26 representation in two dimensions other
5:30 object that also appears sometimes in three dimensions
5:34 in the Arts at the world’s worst first legal
5:37 to it animal animal
5:40 associate with the history of people as
5:43 is the order as
5:46 or other animals pretty worldly
5:50 user work people like picker
5:54 as well
6:35 in the annual reasons
6:38 meeting contemporaries the
6:42 world’s No for she is
6:45 and home ambassador and
6:49 missus your force years the mend
6:52 when both families were in forms
6:56 the PD’s years
7:00 good Recreation’s keeping these
7:04 issue a durables in
7:08 still runs there in he’s
7:11 olympians from the her the
7:15 and time women’s guru
7:18 heroism d clean in the last
7:22 which yet the more
7:25 movie the season we they stand
7:30 on me I’m he’s worthy
7:34 this is a mmm
7:38 and invent hood
7:41 see you
7:44 will be interviewed as signature we have mercy
7:48 these yard here
7:52 tools we’re in
7:56 user did he in Coldplay
8:00 st
8:01 more he is cool
8:04 in fully room early
8:07 Google and creating
8:11 ni using Houston’s
8:15 but it’s also rivers and his entity
8:19 the rules removed
8:22 did these people who lived my meeting
8:25 during the cool injured the
8:30 especially for me also this is our
8:33 or Coldplay’s called time
8:37 which is was untrue your their schools
8:41 there’s a larry is aren’t
8:44 his representational
8:48 Hills much more so than
8:51 he
9:20 this is cool dancing its by Kathy Walsh
9:24 an American singer there’s in Fredericksburg Virginia
9:28 far from washington Kathleen
9:31 spent much for wife is
9:35 the this we single the State Department he stops
9:40 president was a foreign service officer she is very
9:43 active as greatest issuers
9:46 im many media the first thing her work in water
9:50 this is a mixed media piece in dole’s 18
9:54 a large drawing and
9:58 there’s some other bits and pieces
10:02 I’ll work that I can’t quite
10:06 identified it works interestingly
10:09 into this exhibition in that paper trees
10:14 figurine movement if you looked at the figures as the move across
10:20 you’re looking at the same person but she is
10:24 moving across the space
10:40 this pieces culture irony statements whose
10:43 I do cover modern under from
10:47 the far northwest coast from the
10:51 media nation West Indian tribes
10:54 is called a to me while yes
10:58 and it represents their
11:01 spirits other underworld Lake
11:04 is neighbor across the room it should be seen
11:08 good its to you it would be
11:11 prison on the answer and
11:14 is movement and in early the performance we have
11:18 agreed you
11:35 this one by Josh
11:36 awesome another modern I sculptor
11:39 is called was man’s
11:43 is the is
11:46 to many English speakers almost unpronounceable
11:50 is well while while
11:53 it is isn’t supposed to be seen
11:57 warden is in movement and
12:01 it speaks to its own means so
12:05 we see here and ago much more compliance
12:08 artful to us is interesting because its
12:11 color because the distorts
12:14 sake form it combines
12:17 human little form geyser very much
12:21 is and
12:25 that hair by the way is for sure use force
12:28 in there us and it is very
12:32 answerable more pic misconception but as you see it’s about three times
12:38 somethings these bills
12:41 for interesting Scorchers but they’re
12:44 or interesting as bullets
12:47 performance