AIE Maputo

An introduction to U.S. Embassy Maputo and the new AIE permanent collection.

Created and produced by U.S. Embassy Maputo. In Portuguese with English subtitles.


curated by the office of art and
embassies the permanent art collection
installed in the u.s embassy maputo
includes a range of american and
mozambican artists with personal
cultural or aesthetic ties to mozambique
many of the american artists have been
influenced by african arts while
similarities in the use of materials
show a connection between the two
artistic cultures
the tradition of folk art can be seen in
both cultures along with inspiration
from the natural landscape to industrial
new york artist alice hopes murmurations
one is inspired by moputo’s offshore
fishermen and by the movements of
schools of fish changing course i’m so
grateful to have my peace
be hanging
the u.s embassy
in my pluto in terms of the subject of
the work murmurations
my aim was to
create a piece that reflected
the opticality
the immense sardine school
sardine run actually
the coast
of mozambique that happens annually
the works of mozambican artist gonzalo
magunda who is known for using
decommissioned and abandoned war weapons
has created six immense totems made with
automobile parts
each totem contains multiple faces faces
that show the resilience and hope of
moving past the country’s collective
memory of their civil war
the tradition of weaving can be seen in
the geometric sculptures by anastasia
azure whose use of nylon and metals
reimagines what weaving can be
similarly mozambican artist lizette
uses traditional methods and materials
to convey a personal journey
reflected in the stitching of her
abstracted forms
my name is
memory plays a role in bob dylan’s iron
work which is situated across from
gonzalo mabunda’s totems
growing up in america’s iron range he
was surrounded by the iron industry his
found objects of gears and tools is used
to express the artist’s connection to
the landscape and the past
taken together these artists works
show us a parallel in materials and
images that resonate
and experience with social and
environmental commentary