Michelle Torrez in Sofia, Bulgaria

Michelle Torrez, a participant in the cultural exchange program with Art in Embassies, went to Sofia, Bulgaria in February of 2003. This is an interview on the morning BTV show “This Morning” of her and the program.

Full Transcript

0:00ANNOUNCER: “Art in Embassies” is the name of the program exhibiting American artists
0:04abroad and just such an exhibition was opened recently at the Residence of the U.S. Ambassador
0:08to Bulgaria. This exhibitions will be on view until the end of Ambassador Pardew’s term
0:12in Bulgaria.
0:12ANNOUNCER: Established in 1964 the “Art in Embassies program is a unique blend of politics
0:15and culture, of art and diplomacy. Its aim is to present and showcase the artistic merits
0:29of the people of the UNtied States. The exhibition under this program of the U.S. Department
0:37of State, currently being shown in the official residence of Amabssador James Pardewm, was
0:42curated by Kresta Tyler, who bases her choices on the color of the paintings of 14 American
0:47artists from teh beginning of the 19th Century until today. The most popular names among
0:54them are John Singer Sargent, Abraham Bogdanove, Annie Sykes and some of the more contemporary
1:01works by Wolf Kahn.
1:02ANNOUNCER: One of teh young artists being shown in the exhibition is Michelle Torrez,
1:07who is on an official visit to Bulgaria especially to participate in the opening of the permanent
1:17MICHELLE TORREZ: I feel very honored and pleased to be a part of such a collection of good
1:24artists. These are people from whom I’ve learned and whom I admire. It is an honor for me to
1:31have my paintings in this exhibition. These works I think are the emanation of American
1:40culture. NOt each one individually, but taken all toghether as a whole.”
1:47ANNOUNCER: This is Michelle Torrez’s first visit not only to Bulgaria but also in an
1:53Eastern European country.
1:54MICHELLE TORREZ: I’m so impressed with the students from teh Art High School and from
2:02teh Art Academy here, by the level of their work and by their abilities. After what I
2:06saw I feel humbled! I would like this visit of mine to have a continuation, to be the
2:13beginning of a cultural exchange.
2:14ANNOUNCER: And this reminds us that great nations write their autobiographies in three
2:21manuscripts – a Book of Deeds, a Book of Words, and a Book of Art. We cannot understand any
2:28of these books without reading the other two. But the only one, which merits our confidence
2:29is the last one.