A different kind of light Embassy Stockholm installation

A collaboration between Art in Embassies, Embassy Stockholm and artwithoutwalls, Ambassador Barzun arranged for artist Chris Doyle to bring one of his video installation pieces to the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm for the month of March, as a gift to the Swedish people during the “dark season”

Full Transcript

0:40 But we’re a little surprised by what they call the dark season, and surprise is probably
0:45 the most diplomatic way of saying it, but we decided after last year that we were going
0:52 to actually celebrate the dark season and embrace the dark season. And Matthew and I
0:59 came up with this concept with many others to actually have a piece of art that does
1:06 just that, celebrates the dark season. So this piece that Chris Doyle who’s right here
1:11 to my left, did called The Underglow is a part of a series that we’re kicking off, we
1:17 hope, which is called A Different Kind of Light.