Conversations with American Artists: Brice Marden

Brice Marden inaugurated the “American Artist Lecture Series” at the Tate Modern Museum in London on May 14, 2012. He is shown speaking with Marjorie Susman, wife of U.S. Ambassador to the UK Louis Susman, about the “ART in Embassies” (AIE) exhibition of modern art at Winfield House, the Ambassador’s official residence in London. In celebration of AIE’s 50 years of international cultural exchange, the American Artists Lecture Series is a collaborative partnership between the U.S. Department of State’s Office of AIE, the Tate Modern, and the U.S. Embassy in London.

Full Transcript

0:07 the ultimate team
0:09 with peeling is not decorative beauty but truth
0:12 what is truth you must not be confused with
0:17 for more resemblance indeed from resemblance
0:21 only reaches the appearance things whereas the function
0:26 truth is to capture their innocence
0:33 ambassador neier are really great lovers on
0:37 passionate about our and her art collectors ourselves and so
0:42 as soon as he was appointed we had this idea
0:45 a filling beautiful Winfield historic Winfield house with
0:50 great American modern and contemporary paintings
0:56 we went to work at immediately I
0:59 got together with Artin embassy and
1:03 worked with them but also called friends that I had
1:07 and that were museum directors are art collectors
1:11 in the first thing I grab price was your pain
1:15 yeah and I have wondered ever since it went up
1:18 what with Brice Marden think if he so hot
1:22 in this room in here I got you ok got you sigh I have to start their
1:27 so new and expectant with the 31 the first
1:32 really completed 10 this we were paying
1:38 which is the figure for the group after making a
1:43 you’re really making a big change in the world mister
1:46 and I will you know it is very concerned about getting the painting finished
1:52 yet you know i mean just you’re working on this project and
1:58 you know know whether it’s gonna work on
2:01 and this and this was the first one and mister
2:04 and thus far to go get get you a little bit by surprise and you
2:08 you working on it and then mark in the studio on it know it’s
2:12 finish its yeah contest and and that’s how it happens
2:16 yeah the what I’m this one that’s quite a change from those earlier works those
2:22 a year the man-on-man together you know things that were snow elegant
2:25 and so endlessly beautiful
2:29 ok
2:30 panels dipped in a trip tix
2:33 Minister Hannah stop giving them
2:37 you know how you start out as sort of a radical and Anthony in
2:40 stay around long enough you know you become quite conservative
2:44 and the there’s also the thing where you have to keep watching out that work
2:50 one point with the kind of discovery can turn into
2:55 cliche you know your own cliche so there’s always
2:58 interest yeah here you know veterans was what gave birth to this kind of
3:03 yeah I am understand with some your new paintings
3:07 that a your
3:10 once again doing something the panel’s
3:14 but in any way I hit a certain point you know that
3:17 it was in a crisis it works and I’m my brother died
3:23 and with a rather unexpected and
3:26 Thurman is hardly a mortality
3:30 comes in you know what are you doing it just for
3:33 so if you’re headed buckle down
3:38 and you know really work harder and because there was a lot I wanna get done
3:43 before
3:43 happens to me and then they were like these weird little project and everyone
3:47 you know I
3:48 I can mean I can’t really do whatever I want it means always
3:52 that’s one with a camera system has no intelligible to do you have
3:56 you just do it I’m doing a little bit more than have a lot of money little
4:01 projects
4:01 known in some of them I’m I’ve gone back to growing first
4:05 started but never finished no twenty years ago gonna finish in a
4:10 but no you know through you
4:14 thank you for your own gonna doing