“Culture is about people, how we live, communicate, what we make, and what we value, which is to say all that make us who we are as people. In this sense, culture embodies all aspects of what life is and how it is lived. It is through culture we learn about ourselves and others, our shared sense of values as well as differences.” – Yunhee Min

Yunhee Min - Copenhagen Denmark

Accomplished American artist Yunhee Min, whose paintings, Movements (surge 5) and Movements (surge 6) hang in the Art in Embassies Copenhagen exhibition, traveled to Denmark in September, 2019, for an artist exchange. She gave a lecture at the University of Copenhagen, spoke with local media, and attended the exhibition’s opening reception.

LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Project TypeArtist Exchange
Residence Events

At the University of Copenhagen, Min presented to a class of university students from the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. She lectured on art, space, composition, and color; all central themes in her own work. A question-and-answer dialogue followed, allowing the students to learn more about Min’s career and the challenges of becoming a professional artist.

The event at Ambassador Carla Sands’ residence was attended by representatives from Copenhagen’s museums, galleries, and foundations, as well as artists and art collectors. Delighted by the opportunity to see the contemporary American and Danish artwork on exhibition, guests engaged in a vibrant cross-cultural discussion.

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