Walk through of the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Bangkok, 2011

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0:00 him
0:01 them
0:03 you ever wanted to go inside the American ambassador’s house in Thailand
0:06 want to be with specially use
0:08 go
0:20 moved
0:25 I’m my yes thank you
0:32 you 500 yeah I’m staying
0:36 in you know try
0:39 house yep use yeah
0:44 originally British year but if you come in you can see it looks really good
0:50 called
0:53 yield
0:58 say field I had
1:02 me yup
1:07 the Japanese headboard
1:11 action here on hold goes yeah
1:16 i hack there but yeah
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1:24 I’m online people year
1:27 year open Prasad
1:31 today head over of
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1:49 so yeah here
1:53 weird year
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2:46 probably recognize bad Palin making me think about this piece
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2:59 and was all around america and up
3:02 something that made him all see more Dr
3:06 problem with this is my baby Charles
3:10 saying hey I know all that hosts the United States
3:13 his peace yeah
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3:22 hammered pieces Afghanistan year
3:28 minute you million different look your you know from the river
3:31 when you like back great beautiful river flowing through a lot cities in the
3:36 world favors
3:37 and he is blessed year
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4:10 this way yield
4:14 this weaker I rapid any other
4:19 doing officially camp make them
4:23 this year in July list even
4:26 furniture is completely provided Plaza touches that in mind
4:30 he’s really like every video think called
4:36 year bad wants you
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4:45 this is my husband final of you know that you’re my brother
4:48 I did not yet do then
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4:57 I have herpes isn’t
5:00 on energy come on over here soon he said
5:03 is amid official and personal so
5:07 Disney was in place Obama in the Oval Office
5:10 having any non Asian bears
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5:17 said to call home really didn’t expect that he did nothing
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5:34 this is a test trying not to laugh and a classic a
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5:41 this is another one New York
5:45 longer and leader and jump from these
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5:52 you’re interested
5:55 I didn’t allow me makes life interesting
6:00 in other ready he you need one
6:05 scenes me and this artist
6:08 marathon status quo but you recognize that
6:12 that very much post mas yes
6:16 up yes
6:19 yes he said
6:23 it so i won and he just other people was a beautiful house like this
6:27 doesn’t run out said and here we have two spectacular
6:30 share check today and check pay we r
6:35 just amazing your day ok with great pride
6:38 him but hell america and New Year he ended
6:42 out
6:43 Press snow they can fix it anything tonight
6:47 dinner in american home million as
6:51 point to is the head of keeping his
6:56 said YouTube said and
6:59 Hannah hmm
7:02 and all he said everything here
7:06 makeshift plants watered me so
7:09 yesterday I had about 50 people coffee
7:13 did it all cleaned up yeah you never know
7:16 say they’re making bacon shifted the cooking
7:20 he spent but it all out all appliances
7:23 night dinner already set up now matured
7:28 and jetsam yeah
7:33 okay love play because she’s with
7:36 you outdoor space like a lot of hype
7:40 yeah I lead yeah
7:47 times Yemen International Women’s Day
7:51 here people
7:55 I friend shared
7:58 you outbreak p you know wat you
8:01 morning it’s really lovely and the runoff did
8:04 hit me that he used
8:08 here walk home bigger tiny
8:11 and got that out net
8:14 head for having a dinner yeah
8:20 China you desire that at the US ambassador’s house around the world
8:25 yet you know minute didn’t evolve into
8:29 said example he is the dinner menu tonight we’re having
8:32 and this is an American general his here so happens that the Thai military in
8:37 Hindi
8:38 see all setup people many
8:41 in the course today had a every
8:45 yeah and was more you Arden here
8:48 she’s really wonder what he said
8:51 are just funny bone spurs where from Seattle
8:55 in the city with the roomies yes yes you know there’s a lot more than the
9:00 one means no hope
9:08 missing colors little different
9:11 and old
9:16 yesterday of her to less yep
9:20 mutant them well very generous
9:23 David p for
9:29 especially plenty hymie
9:32 I’m here i holed
9:37 you can’t stand the hell last time so I get home at night
9:40 but like stand whom that on alleged
9:46 identify French rental you have lunch or dinner at here the weather actually
9:51 performs
9:52 hard
9:55 house that foothold
9:58 11 yeah
10:02 here but no youths
10:06 used have been US equities
10:09 today pencil me feel youthful
10:13 of what you Monroe
10:17 really had no Pathom Thailand Perry
10:23 Miller and here family income in bath
10:27 respectively how much loved have used his house
10:31 for their children to live in great for the kids en route back to you
10:34 probably a little too great a kid yet been great for them
10:39 and then I actually my brother and my sister not can’t
10:42 everything yield
10:46 I hope to be reunited
10:51 couple bad games
10:52 the gym that very night pp their push to get this great
10:56 you back at my house hmm
11:00 they can’t be mean if you too great a beautiful that it’s a whole
11:03 run with his many sticking out killing me
11:08 amazing very lucky not lucky every day
11:12 that pupae yield
11:17 he’s not coming back well thank you for letting me share of
11:21 I you thank you thank you