Nick Cave at the U.S. Embassy Dakar

Nick Cave on his cross cultural artwork installed at the U.S. Embassy in Senegal.

Full Transcript

0:00 I am
0:06 Nick Cave an artist who lives and works in Chicago
0:29 when you think about art in embassies and this cultural diplomacy
0:33 what is interesting to me as an artist here how can I
0:36 facilitate that within the work that is developed.
0:40 yes I will create the piece for the embassy but I was also interested
0:45 ways to integrate the artists that live and work here
0:50 I was interested in creating the piece
0:55 but wanted to really sort of engage a number of the artists that were
0:58 Senegalese artist that were from Dakar
1:01 as part of the experience
1:10 in what they did for me it made me feel
1:15 that I was connecting and appreciating the artists that also live
1:19 work here
1:27 the entire peace here is constructed and
1:30 beads and pipe cleaner this sort of motion of color
1:35 the way in which was created in this web kind of structural
1:39 device in the web functioning
1:42 as a unifyer that brings people
1:47 together
2:06 for me that when you know people
2:09 are experiencing the piece I have to be open
2:12 to what they see and how they respond to it
2:16 and allow that to be another part of this sort of broad dialogue.
2:20 around an emotion
3:01 it’s part of this sort of opportunity for people to
3:05 intersect and have the sort of interesting to have conversation
3:09 around ideas
3:13 It’s part of the magic.