21st Century Women in the Arts with Ambassador Nuland

Ambassador Nuland to Brussels NATO shares artwork from Art in Embassies.  Her theme for the exhibition was 21st century women in the arts. 

Full Transcript

0:01US Ambassador to NATO Victoria Nuland displayed
0:04contemporary American artists in her Brussels residence
0:08It’s an idea developed by the State Department
0:11These artists came to us through the State Department’s Art in Embassies program
0:16which reaches out to American artists around the country and asks them to loan work
0:22to American ambassadors serving overseas
0:25so that we can in these fabulous diplomatic homes
0:30display the diversity and the richness of American culture
0:34and use it as a way to open our hearts and open our country to people around the world
0:39The current exhibit highlights women artists, some of whom were on hand for discussion.
0:46Each ambassador picks a theme for their exhibit, and our theme is 21st century American women artists
0:53I’m the first woman to serve on the North Atlantic council for the United States
1:00so I thought it would be a good theme for me, so all of these artists are women
1:05whose work has been done since 2000 so these are all new works and they’re all relatively young
1:11in their 30s, 40s, or early 50s – and the goal was to have a collection that really displays
1:17the energy and the diversity of American culture
1:21Rain Bedsole is from New Orleans, her work is mixed media on wood.
1:31Marita Dingis only uses discarded materials in her artwork
1:37Rashan Hooshman is an Iranian artist, her work encompasses memories over time
1:43like this red dress covered in gold leaf.
1:45The works are on loan for the duration of the ambassador’s tenure at NATO
1:50in their quiet way these pieces embody diplomacy through freedom of expression
1:56From Brussels, Pam Portland AFNnews