Tricia Keightley

I create mechanical abstractions made of imagined engineered elements .Slowly painted by hand onto canvas or paper, my work is often perceived as computer generated. In reality, I improvise forms entirely with pencil and paint. Inspired by technology and engineering plans as well as abstraction, I paint out and add elements as needed. I keep forms reduced to flat color and black line to direct the focus to the structures created. Each painting is titled with a sequence of numbers rather than words. This provides a type of
tracking number and obscures any literal interpretations. Painting by hand counterbalances the
futuristic technology and inventions it strives to reflect. When complete, each painting attempts
to combine the enigmatic qualities of the industrial world with that of the abstract.

Tricia Keightley is a painter based in Brooklyn, New York. After studies at Parsons School of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute, Keightley has exhibited in the United States and internationally in solo and group shows. Her paintings are engineered abstractions comprised of imagined mechanical elements. Keightley has been the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Painting and a Mac Dowell Colony Residency. Most recently, Keightley received a 2012 commission from New York’s Metropolitan Transit
Authority Arts for Transit program for a piece at the Hunters Point #7 Subway station.