Terrence Maley

Born in the Bronx, New York, official Coast Guard Artist Terrence Maley is known for his paintings which depict “moments in time.” Retired seaman, Terrence spent 6 years in the Navy. Afterward, he attended the New York School of Visual Arts and New York Institute of Technology.

Terrence returned to sea for 25 years as a Merchant Marine; during his tenure, he sailed on 22 ships and was involved in many major events, including the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Operation Praying Mantis, Operation Seuss, Military Sea Lift Command (MSC), Operation Desert Storm. He retired from the sea in 1991.

With several pieces commissioned by the Kentucky Derby, military organizations and various private institutions, Terrence has several paintings available in prints. Please visit our Art section for more information.

While Mr. Maley renders most of his artwork in a mixed media, he also does watercolors, as well as pen and ink pieces. His works are available in prints and canvas.