Suzanne Aunan

I am a self-taught life-long painter. One of my earliest memories is of sitting next to my grandmother. She was sharing my plastic flip-top palette of “paint-by-number” paints and magically beautiful cottages and flowers blossomed on pieces of scrap paper in front of her. Throughout my school years, I enjoyed painting during vacations, but never thought of art as a possible career, although my family has always given me encouragement and “collected” my work. I enjoy painting detailed scenes of life today. Special events and happy occasions with people we love are important images that I like to document in paint. I generally use water-based paints, acrylic and gouache, and I like the “toughness” of painting on Masonite board. Before a painting is begun, it already exists in my mind. Then, like a 1000 piece puzzle, parts of the painting are separated and sorted into “piles” of colors. Details are then added, the more the better. As a painting nears completion, my family and friends are asked “What does this painting need?” or “Is this painting finished?” My youngest children provide me with the best heart-felt critiques and thoughts. It is my hope that my paintings bring joy to those who view them, realizing that the “good days” are here, now and today. Today we are making precious memories.

An Iowan since 1972, Suzanne B. Aunan is a self-taught artist who has enjoyed painting as far back as she can remember. Born in New York City, she enjoyed childhood on a dairy farm in Orange County, NY and graduated from high school in Glen Ridge, NJ. Suzanne attended the University of Iowa, majoring in Medical Technology and later graduated from the Physician Assistant Program. She worked as a P.A. at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Hematology Oncology and the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, then as a full-time mother of four. Now, with children growing she has returned to work as a P.A. in Bone Marrow Transplant at UI and enjoying art. Suzanne paints detailed compositions using acrylic, gouache and watercolors, sometimes adding pencil or ink pen. She created her first limited edition lithograph “The Last Ride In” in October 2000, and since then has added other lithographs and museum-quality Giclee prints of her work. Her work has been purchased by collectors world-wide. Suzanne maintains an award-winning website where samples of her work and art show schedule can be found