Stephanie Bachiero

Stephanie Bachiero deftly sculpts small and large-scale abstract works that appear weightlessly elastic. The graceful curl creates a complex interplay of negative space and solid form. Many of her works appear to defy gravity from every angle; her forms push and pull, expand and contract, generating tension that represents the tension present between the conscious mind and the human body. Bachiero sees her sculptures as a way of communicating what she often can’t speak because of a severe head trauma she suffered in 2003 that impaired her cognition and speech. “Through sculpture, I can restructure the life I lost intellectually,” she says. “I still have this isolation in my mind, but I can have conversations with the porcelain as it moves.”

Bachiero received a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art from Boston College in Newton, Massachusetts, and has exhibited throughout Southern California. Her work was featured in the New York Armory Show and exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, S. Dillon Ripley Center in Washington, D.C.