Sayon Syprasoeuth

Sayon is a visual artist working in mixed media and installation. He graduated from California State University Long Beach, 2003 and received his Master in Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University, 2007.

He was born in Cambodia and raised in Thai refugee camps. In 1979, his family got sponsored by a Lutheran church in Elkader Iowa. His work is informed by memories, spirituality, nature and culture. Social hybrids and cross-cultural references also animate in his work, combining Eastern sources with Western sensibilities.

Sayon’s work may be viewed as beautiful, humorous, serious but not political.
He is negotiating a field between apparent opposites, gesture and pattern, intuition and intellect, heroic and intimate, masculine and feminine. He reflects on the fragility and ephemeral aspects of culture and life; how the two are both related and have impact and influence on the other.

He has shown in Phnom Penh, Berlin, China, Los Angeles and throughout the United States.