Sarina Dorie

My art is about our relationship with nature; the kinds of feelings we have towards the environment and how we affect it. Forests represent the primal, unconscious realm of the mind, the deep place where we lock our secrets within. It’s no wonder so many fairytales take place in the dark, unknown of the forest where we learn our lessons and dream our dreams. Sometimes hidden in my paintings are faces, words, even toxins destroying the environment. I do this to cause others to think, and use their imagination. It’s my way of entering the unconscious.
I paint what I feel when I look at a tree or flower, the spirit of the plant. This is the experience I wish to share.

After teaching graduating from PNCA with a degree in illustration and then teaching English in South Korea, Sarina Dorie earned a Master’s in education from PSU. She has taught art as an artist in resident, a SUN school teacher and as a fulltime elementary and middle school teacher. After moving to Japan, she taught English for two years then returned to Oregon to teach art in the Eugene area. Sarina shows locally and internationally and her illustrations have been published in magazines and publications. In addition to her art, she has performed belly dance for audiences with up to 500 people and writes stories and articles, including the monthly article, “Cooking with Aphrodisiacs” for the Polestar in Japan.