Salvatore Panasci

them with one’s eyes. Each painting, whether large or small, is inspired by nature and created to embody immediate impact and lasting power. It is about creating a visual that has never been seen before. I want each painting to engage the viewer through its own unique power of color, motion, and dimensionality. I want the viewer to have a sense of wonderment and curiosity instantly, at that moment. I want to involve the person by having him or her search the variety of textures, dark and light passages, and the space within the painting. Are the colors connected? Do they hover above the surface, or streak across the surface? My goal in each painting is to make the viewer want to return to the painting and discover new associations with it, adding to the overall sense of feeling the beauty of its excitement. I want the viewer and the painting to have a dialog with one another.” -Salvatore Panasci

Salvatore Panasci started painting in 1996 as part of his rehabilitation after sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) during an automobile accident. His painting style has evolved into a combination of abstract expressionism and action painting reminiscent of The New York School. Panasci paints in a variety of mediums and has been an exhibiting artist since beginning his painting career. Today, he has gallery representation across the United States. Panasci makes his home in Devon, Pennsylvania.