Ria Krishnan

The transformation from an art lover to a professional artist demanded a dramatic shift in my interpretation of colors found in Nature. I remember going through a constant struggle trying to erase stereotypical notions of colors from my mind and attempting to deduce the true colors as apparent to my naked eye. When a landscape captivates me, my soul yearns to paint it and my mind cooperates by trying to understand or remember the colors. I often have a sketch book that helps me take notes. It’s a process that starts with visiting a place, conception of a composition and ends with realization of a painting. The play of light in a landscape is the key aspect that motivates me to make a painting. I like to think of it as a challenge to “capture the light before I lose it”.

Ria Krishnan was born and raised in India. Ria has been drawn towards painting since her childhood. In 2006 she earned her Bachelors degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. Thereafter she worked as a software engineer for a few years. Her career took a different path in 2009 when she decided to quit the software industry in order to pursue her passion. Since then there has been no looking back. In hindsight, this was the best decision of her life. Being an outdoor person, she spends a lot of time with mother Nature. All her work is inspired by outdoor ventures, may it be a small walk in her neighborhood or an elaborate hike in the wilderness. She often makes sketches or small plein air studies on location with the intent of capturing the moment. These studies along with several reference photographs translate into larger studio pieces. Making critical decisions with almost every brush stroke, she transforms a blank canvas into a
beautiful landscape. After trying her hand at mediums like charcoal, pastels and watercolor, she ultimately found comfort and preference in traditional oils. She is primarily self taught. Her knowledge and proficiency with oils has improved through workshops with eminent artists like Scott Christensen and her own personal experience. She strives to improve her craft with every new landscape she paints. Ria is an Associate member of the Oil Painters of America (OPA).