Niko Luoma

My material is light. The work focuses on energy rather than matter. My work is about the process as much as about the result.

My process combines systems of calculation and change. I find my inspiration in mathematics and geometry; symmetry and chaos, both imagined and found in nature.

All my work is analogue.

I use multiple exposures as a method. I am interested in repetition and continuation as concepts. Over the last ten years, I have repeatedly tried to find new ways to challenge the photographic process, that is, to avoid known solutions.

Working only with light and light sensitive materials, I am fascinated by the fact that this process leaves nothing behind — no debris, no ruin — just an exposed negative.

Time has also been important in the work. In my recent “symmetrium” series, time reveals the process through thousands of exposures on a single negative.

I have been working with just light and abstract content since 2006.