Nelda Warkentin

rhythm and pattern
in Nature, art, and music
transcending all life

My early work, starting in the late 90’s, was inspired by experiences that captured my attention. Living and working in Alaska at the time and traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe, many sights were captivating.

repeating design
rhythm of the universe
everything is one

In 2004, I built a studio in the attic of an old farm house in western Maine. More time was spent there. The light was new. Everything in the environment spoke to me.

In recent years, my work has become more expressive. No longer do I begin by sketching and pre-determining the overall design. Instead, I listen to classical and jazz and go with the flow. I find my own rhythm—still to convey beauty and Nature’s design.

My art is in numerous public, private, corporate and museum collections. Many galleries, museums, and other venues, including U. S. and NATO embassies in Moscow, Cape Town, and Brussels have exhibited my work.