Nasreen Haroon

Nasreen is known for her warm and peaceful spaces that convey a sacred rapport with the vast expanse and grandeur of nature and as evidenced by the rich, warm hues that both soothe and invigorate the viewer in a concurrent kind of infinite rhythm. Nasreen’s brushstrokes bear witness to the fundamental presence behind the merely visible, creating works of art that are spiritual at the core. Whether she is inspired by the profound, mystical images of her childhood in Karachi, Pakistan or by California’s rich landscape, Nasreen’s optimistic passion for life is evident in the panoply of colors set forth by each deliberate brush stroke.

Nasreen Haroon was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She began oil painting at the age of 13, when a fascination of nature compelled her to interpret it on canvas. She studied art at St. Joseph’s Convent High School in Karachi and later earned her B.A. in Psychology, Philosophy, and History from St. Joseph’s College, Karachi, Pakistan. Haroon has been living in the United States since 1980. In addition to working as a professional artist, she has also enjoyed success in designing jewelry, clothes, gardens, and interiors.

Nasreen has successfully achieved a dialogue between her work, her roots, and the viewer, which provides an excellent opportunity for her to share her culture and beliefs with the world. A mostly self-taught artist, she is also active in the Los Angeles interfaith community, working to promote understanding and cooperation among people of different faiths.

Nasreen’s work has hung in the US embassies in Islamabad Pakistan, Dakar Senegal, Abu Dhabi UAE, Algiers Algeria, Abuja Nigeria, and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. She was appointed Cultural Envoy to the UAE in 2007 where she taught nine master classes in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. She also represented the United States as “American Artist Abroad” in Algeria in 2008. She has had many international exhibitions and in many prestigious venues such as the Cultural Palace Museum in Sharjah, and the Islamic Art Museum in Dubai. She has lectured at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, Algerian National Library, Musee Des Beaux Arts, Palais de la Culture, Galerie D’art Farid Benyaa, California Institute of Arts, Santa Monica College, and California State University Los Angeles.