N. Christopher Kelly

In addition to his original oil paintings and ink drawings, Chris Kelly also spends his time as an in-house artist for the Office of T.W. Despont in New York City, a fine art, architecture, and interior design firm. He has traveled throughout the western hemisphere and Europe to work on fine arts projects, painting murals and building sculptures in places ranging from London, to the Bahamas, to Buenos Aires. During this time he has developed his new abstract paintings that are shown on this website. Though born in Manhattan, Chris was raised in East Hampton, Long Island. The once quiet, rural community nurtured his early interest in the arts and he gained much inspiration from the natural beauty of the area. While in college Chris explored various fields of study including fine arts, literature, and architecture. After graduating he worked in the independent film business and then journeyed through mainland Asia for an extended period of time before returning to the U.S. to start his career as an artist. Chris currently lives and works in New York City.