Michael Kahn

“I have come to the realization that my photography is just a mirror of what I experience the moment I make the exposure. All the preparation, the film, the camera, the location, enables me to quietly witness the phenomenon as it unfolds, to simply be an observer. If the photograph is successful then the viewer responds emotionally the way I did when I witnessed the happening unfold.

I respond emotionally to seascapes and sailing, so I choose to make these two subjects the focus of my art. Making photographs is such an integral part of who I am that I cannot imagine not making art. it is my expression for what I feel, my reaction to this incredible world in which we live.”

Michael Kahn’s stunning seascape and sailing photographs are exhibited in art galleries and museums around the world. With his 1950’s camera, he travels extensively to photograph the world’s outstanding boats and pristine seascapes. He collects his images on traditional black and white film and produces luminous silver gelatin prints in his darkroom. His traditional technique, united with his distinctive sense of form, vision, and composition, have helped him to be one of the most memorable of photographers.