Marilena Preda Sanc

House of souls is the title of the mural work realized in the collective mural art project coordinated by Maggie Michael, located in the American Ambassy from Bucharest is. It represents a building very similar as shape with an archaic / totemic or a contemporary construction, part of nowadays Urbanscape. The background is scratched by lot of lines which represent the people of the town.

Ph. D. Marilena Preda Sanc (b. 1955) lives and works in Bucharest.
She is professor at the National University of Arts from Bucharest where she is teaching in Mural Art department (MA), course Art in Public Space.
Marilena Preda Sanc exhibited her art work in many national and international exhibitions and took part in residencies (Kulturkontakt Vienna , Franklin Furnace, N.Y.). Her paintings, drawings, videos, interventions on photography are in Museum and private collections (The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest MNAC; Arhitekturni Muzej Ljubljana; Kunsthalle, Nurenberg; Albertina Art Collections, Vienna)

Trained as mural painter, I consider myself a painter of fix and running images concerning with representation of Realities. My mind, my body and my feelings records lived experiences and I visualized them in my art work
I have creating between 1981-2011 artworks that incorporate researches on private / social / political / feminist issues. This continuously evolving artwork is developing on concret and efemer support in an abstract or figurative vision. I was preoccupied more by the message.

I realized between 1983-1985 a Body Art piece consisting in a series of interventions on photography taken after my face / body entitled My Body is Space in Space Time in Time and Memory of All. My body became place for meditation, inner /outer landscape built from personal and collective memories. I translated these experiences in painting, drawing, photography art book, performance, video art.

I started experimenting with video after 1990. For Romanian artists video technology was forbidden during the communist period.
My first video was a video performance. During the performance I wrote words on my face and my corp. I continued to work with my body and I obtained many metaphorical images filming slides with my art works projected on my face and my corp. I used these metaphorical images in my videos: Bodyscape / Handscape / Mindscape, Inside, Passing, Oldness. I realized a few installations named I am a painter of fix and running pictures consisting in full wall images taken after my art works.

Regard the video Oldness I have to point out that I have a special relation with it. I love the old people and I loved a lot my grand mother and my mother, my family and part of my art work reflects this complex and deep relation with them.

Brief Autobiography was born in New York during my Franklin Furnace Foundation residency. I felt lost in this huge town and wondering on N.Y. streets and galleries I remembered my entire life and I presented it to the others as a net performance in an ironically manner.

Some of my art works are focused on the concept of local / global essentialism of existence, borders, limits, abstract / concret domestic worlds (videos: Globe, The Fence, Eurogame ‘Bambilici’, objects, installation, performance, print, CD-ROM : My Mother and the Globe, Ecologycal e-mail, The Construction, Remapping the Globe, Globalization).
An important part of my art work art is focused on feminist topics as video and urban projection Femslogans, videos Among the cars, The Window with Memories, Daily Diva, Diva Laura and the print Political Diva.

The video Femslogan is a video based on a performance. Together with some young artists and my students we are writing on our arms and hands feminist slogans. Some slogans are well-known political slogans but I changed HE with SHE. Along the century male political personalities wrought these slogans only for man, ignored the woman contributions.

A recently photo action consists in a series of edited photography about the complex relation between artist / curator. My latest paintings are colored constructions, metaphysical Urbanscape.

In my art work I was permanent involved in a research on feminist theories and feminist art practices. My art and life is shape by an ecofeminist vision. My art work explores various layers of Realities and has at its core the human being, the spiritually beautiful being and alteration in the context of the civilization created by him. The human being is situated in the world in an interconnection with the material / social world but my positive vision on the world makes me to belief in our immersion in a spiritual cosmic hologram, into an ethical space of poesis.