Lucille Nurkse

I am happiest when I am making pictures. I respond to life with art. I am a storyteller-that’s how I engage in the world. My figures are prototypes inspired by individuals. Character is in the gesture. Working flat, the challenge is to show some depth. I like an open-ended story.

I studied Chinese calligraphy with Wang Chi-Yuan. Since his death I have worked abstractly and figuratively in oil, watercolor, printmaking, and collage. I draw the figure at Spring Studio.

On a personal note I am passionate about the environment and climate change. My favorite organizations are the National Resource Defense Council and the Union for Concerned Scientists.

My work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in New York City as well as in juried shows throughout the United States. I have been awarded residencies at both the Byrdcliffe Art Colony and the Blue Mountain Center. I am a member of the National Association for Women (NAWA), Women in the Arts, and the NY Artists’ Circle.