Linda Mahoney

The subject of much of my recent work has been informed by the rapidly changing natural environment, and the impact on migrating birds. I have always been attracted to relatively pristine northern coastal regions and often visit these places for hiking, bird watching, painting and drawing. These beautiful remote areas have been undergoing rapid change or “development.” Many of the changes have disrupted the natural environment: the subdivision and sale of coastal lands, the construction of huge vacation homes, over-fishing, pollution from “fish farming” and other commercial, tourist and industrial activities, leading to global warming and the migration of waste products into the environment. I love the natural landscape, and it is increasingly difficult to envision it without the impact of man.

As this body of work evolved, I began to focus on the changes in the Arctic, the warming of the environment, the rush for oil, and tour boats which bring people to view places of incredible natural beauty. As the world warms, plants and animals migrate northward. When change forces animals to the edge, and their environments change, many are unable to “adapt” to exist in the world. These oil paintings are about a world out of balance.

Linda Mahoney
September 2010