Leslie Thomas

“Although, or maybe because, I have lived many years elsewhere, the beauty of my native state has always been my ideal. This Utah landscape – so much of it not for our use, not to our scale – has been my central experience of the beauty of this world.

I want to make paintings that show our home, this western land, not comprehended by faith or theory, but odd and beautiful, delicious to the eye and to the heart.

Between us art-lovers there is a common hope – that a painting can participate in the creation of meaning, and that our understanding of it is part of that meaning.

Happy trails.”

Leslie Thomas returned to painting after twenty years of working as a computer engineer. She has studied with her husband, Mark Knudsen, as well as with Don Doxey, James McBeth, Tony Smith, Dave Dornan, Paul Davis, and Susan Gallacher. She has been an invited artist to the Utah Arts Festival, shown in juried and group shows throughout Utah, and had solo shows at Patrick Moore Gallery and the Rose Wagner Art Center, both in Salt Lake City, Utah.