LeAnn Kalita

LeAnn Kalita fulfilled a life-long desire to paint when she began her art study in 1996. She has been passionate about painting ever since.

LeAnn is not a “quiet” painter. When working in transparent watercolor, she uses color and paint lavishly, achieving her vivid luminescent hues by glazing numerous layers – sometimes as many as twelve – until she achieves her desired effect. This produces paintings that glow from within, containing their own light. She is well known and highly respected for her large scale watercolor paintings, often using a close-in orientation which gives the work a somewhat abstract quality. Her paintings are, in a sense, commanding – demanding the complete and unyielding attention of the viewer. When working on canvas in oil and acrylic, she paints in the style of “a la prima”. Each brush stroke has a purpose, and texture abounds, producing a work that is not only filled with strength but one that also has a sense of energy and life.

LeAnn has a special affinity for portraits – children, adults, pets, homes. Her portrait work reflects her own recognizable style, with each one capturing the individual beauty and personality of the subject, and recording “a moment in time” of a family’s history. For information on the portrait commission process, please see the Portrait Information page or contact the artist.

LeAnn’s works have been juried into a variety of regional, national and international exhibits. Many of her paintings have been awarded honors, including numerous “Best in Show”. Most recently her paintings have been selected by the US Department of State to be exhibited in the worldwide ART in Embassies program, and in 2007, she was selected to appear in that year’s edition of the book Best of America – Watercolor Artists & Artisans. At the 2000 Federation of Canadian Artists International Show in Vancouver, B.C., she was one of 200 artists selected to exhibit out of an entry field of 1300 from all over the world. In 2002, she was approached by the Paris based company, Yves Delorme, to sell her original paintings in their stores. For seven years she fulfilled the role as a corporate artist with her paintings available in select Yves Delorme stores in the United States.

Critics, judges and writers have described her paintings as: “strong and memorable”; “luscious;; “commanding”; “brilliant colour and strength”; “an elegant painting.”

LeAnn’s work hangs in private and public collections throughout North America, South America, Europe and Africa, and is exhibited throughout the United States Mid-Atlantic region.