Larry Sybesma

Born to Dutch parents in Holland, Michigan, Larry Sybesma is a graduate of Illinois State University. Larry spent a career in the auto industry exercising his passion for design and function. At the early age of ten Larry built his first bicycle, using found parts and materials. In his retirement Larry has enjoyed the freedom of time to be creative. Having competed in 2013 and 2014 in ArtPrize, a art contest that prides itself in being the most attended and most competitive art contest in the world. He competed with over 1600 top artist from around the world. In 2013 Larry placed in the top 100, in 2014 he placed 26th. Larry enjoys working with reclaimed metals, building creative objects that mimic the wonders of nature as well as re-creating forms of transportation that tell the history of years past. Larry is dedicated to taking every opportunity to inspire children in the arts and nature.