Kenneth Templeton

Kenneth was born in Lynchburg, Virginia and now resides on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He began painting and drawing at age 10. In 1986, he graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in History and studied Art History. As is the landscape tradition, he chronicles his existence and travels in paint. He finds inspiration; be it a sunrise while surfing or a forgotten small town in North Carolina or Virginia. Childe Hassam once said, “I believe the man who will go down to posterity is the man who paints his own time and the scenes of every day life around him.” Recent awards include: 2008 Irving Sandler Selects, Prince Street Gallery, New York City; 2004 Arts in the Parks Competition; 2002 Artist Magazine

“I use photography in my work as a starting point for my landscape paintings. My photographs are average at best which is fine as it allows me an opportunity to be more interpretive. My subject matter is centered around the Southern United States ranging from the mountains of Appalachia to the Carolina coast. One of my paintings would likely place the viewer in the middle of a busy intersection, a country road, a breaking wave or a forest floor. In this particular piece, ‘The Forest Floor,’ I would like the viewer to contemplate its troublesome point of view.”