Karen Strohbeen

Karen Strohbeen is one of the Midwest’s most successful artists. Working in tandem with her artist-husband, Bill Luchsinger, they began their careers twenty-five years ago at Drake University. She is widely known for her painting, printmaking and sculpture and now her innovative works on ceramic tile. She also has been at the forefront of digital printmaking, which is her ongoing focus. Her love of nature has always inspired her artistic style and has led she and Luchsinger to create the nationally syndicated Public Television gardening series, The Perennial Gardner.

Strohbeen is committed to pursuing her art wherever technological advances take her. In her own words, “Art used to be a part of people’s daily lives, in how you made your home, tended your garden, plowed your field. That’s how it should be. When you’re tired of painting, you go out and work in the garden. Then you get excited about something in the garden that you want to paint. Everything flows together.”