Josh Simpson

Josh Simpson’s vision in glass is as vast as the universe, an unlimited landscape that stretches from the mysteries of the ocean to the far reaches of space. Over the last 43 years, his art has evolved and grown as he has experimented, stumbled and learned from many mistakes. Josh has devoted himself to exploring all aspects of glass. Not satisfied with just learning ancient forming techniques, he also builds his own furnaces and has mastered the alchemy of mixing and melting metallic oxides to create the vibrant colors that he is so well known for. His “Planet Series” are small microcosmic worlds with oceans, continents and glittering, teeming cities.
Josh has said that “Glass looks and feels like a solid, but according to scientists it’s actually a super cooled liquid with an atomic structure that forms a polymer lattice…but truly, I have always believed that glass is alchemy and magic.”