Joseph Reboli

Joe Reboli was born in New York, near the north fork of Long Island, and attended the Paier School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut from 1964 to 1967. His exhibitions included shows at the Nabisco Brand Gallery, East Hanover, New Jersey; The Museums at Stony Brook, New York; Gallery Henoch, New York City; Squibb Art Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey; and Hofstra Gallery, New York.

Joe was noted for his luminous rendering of everyday scenes and subjects, infusing the mundane with an aura of wonder. No object was too familiar or humble foe his transforming touch. His canvases glowed with an unmistakable light.

Reboli painted and repainted the landscape and elements of it, continuously exploring light and form. Although he produced a series of cityscapes in the 80’s and explored Italian landscapes in the 90’s, he invariably returned to his primary subjects: the sites and structures of eastern Long Island and its environs.