Joan Konkel

My work is comprised of layers. It explores microspace, the space between strands and layers of mesh. Within this space lies a world of moiré patterns, the building and breakdown of color, and the realities and illusions of depth perception.

When metal is combined with layers of painted mesh and canvas, two opposing forces interact with light initiating a marvelous dichotomy of reflection and refraction. I love the way mesh draws light into the work while simultaneously metal deflects it. Light is an integrated part of the work. As light changes, the work changes. Cloud cover, bright sunlight, incandescent light, halogen, each source brings a unique signature. As daylight moves into dusk, and as candle or electric light follows, shadows shift and colors may undergo transformation. In addition, as light filters between superimposed strands of fiberglass mesh, a bit of refracted magic can create the illusion that light emanates from the canvas.

The work isn’t static. Colors are set free to interact with one another and depth perception might be deceived. When layers of color are separated by space they can float as the observer moves, overlapping one hue, and then gliding to overlap another, each overlap forming its own mix of colors. The overlapping of mesh can give rise to moirĂ© patterns which can break the color combination into separate bands of color. As the viewer changes position, the pattern might disappear to be replaced by a solid burst of color as the viewer looks back from a new vantage point.

Elements outside of my control continuously transform the perception of the work. It is the constant metamorphosing of color, space and light that I find intriguing, and that microspace in which it occurs.