Jeanne Wilkinson

Jeanne Wilkinson  is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York, and Madison, Wisconsin. Wilkinson started as an abstract painter but is currently a digital collage and animation artist, using technology to combine her paintings, drawings, and photographs into multimedia works. In her video installations, she projects from opposite sides of the room on two parallel, translucent scrims that she calls “The Cloud Tunnel.” The imagery meets in the middle in a continually changing loop, and she photographs her imagery and viewers while they interact. The resulting artwork ranges in size and type: as mounted or framed prints, digital imagery, or projections on a wall. She takes photos and videos of the city and countryside and transfers the chosen files into Adobe Photoshop or After Effects, blending and merging the imagery to create fantastical compositions. Wilkinson usually incorporates artwork and music from family and friends, also composing music herself. In Animated Abstractions, she takes one of her drawings or paintings and makes it move using various computer applications—she feels as if the artwork is having a dream of itself. Her works reflect themes of beauty within the man-made and natural worlds, oppositions between urban life and wilderness, and the apocalyptic nature of the twenty-first century.  

Wilkinson earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art and art education at the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Arts degree in painting from Pratt Institute. Wilkinson has been shown in numerous galleries and museums worldwide. Her experimental videos have been screened at the Greenpoint and New York Independent Film Festivals; one video installation was part of an Off Broadway play shown at the Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater in New York City. She has written art reviews for American Ceramics, D’Art International, and The New York Review of Art, among others.  

Headshot photography courtesy of Jeanne Wilkinson.