James Wang

“I am a neo-contemporary mixed media artist: painter, drawer, and photographer. I create artwork with scanned three-dimensional objects, digital photographs, and collected images. My pieces have an Asian influence, as I was born in Taiwan, and a dash of “Americana” from growing up in the United States. The scanned items are objects that my father, my spouse, and I collected while traveling around the world, as well as everyday items from nature and home. These items include Chinese porcelain figures, embroidery, and woodcarvings; flower buds; fallen leaves; pinecones; candlesticks; silk flowers; glass vases; and more. The digital photographs are from my travels throughout the world such as China, Australia, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. I also incorporate images from printed sources and publications. My main objective in my artwork is to evoke your imagination and emotions.” – James Wang

James Wang’s work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the greater Washington DC area since fall 2008.