J Bertram White

“The thing I like about painting is that it captures life…that one moment, that one remarkable story. I am mesmerized by the textures, light patterns, colors and voices of the land and sky. I love both the dramatic and bold changes in life, as well as the sheer undeniable strength of the weather and seasons and from that how light manipulates the contrasting values, hues and tones of its recipient. As an artist I seek new ways to share my vision,” J. Bertram White says. White started his artistic career in his early twenties with a passion for architecture and photography. He attended Morgan University in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C., with a Bachelor of Arts degree in design and advertising. Since 2001, he has owned Bertland Fine Arts and Paintings Gallery in Maryland. White won several second place and honorable mention awards in group exhibitions and art festivals. He achieved recognition as an artist with his participation in the juried show Speaking Life Exhibit with Open Spaces. White utilizes his watercolors, pastels on paper, and mixed media to create bold, abstract works, or what he classifies as “a different look at reality.”