Indigene Gaskin

“I am primarily inspired by the histories, myths and spirituality of women, it is some aspect of them that I seek to visualize and it has become a passionate artistic obsession for me. It is the preoccupation of the history, myths and spirituality of women, that becomes so strong in my mind’s eye, that I am only freed from it by completing the actual work. I choose to work in a variety of styles that vary between figurative, narrative and symbolic, allowing for multiple interpretations by the viewer, but my unique stylized way of art comes through in every piece. It is only when my art is in the final form that I feel I have revealed my subject or an aspect of them in an honest approach. I am also aware that I have once again exposed a little more of myself.”

“Each painting begins as a graphite drawing with soft gradations of light and dark. From the drawing, the composition is built upon with many sheer layers of pure pigment and subtle color washes. Each layer is built upon to produce paintings that are rich and vibrant with an illuminating quality. Often, traditional media is used such as graphite, vine charcoal, powdered earth pigments, a variety of inks, and sometimes, handmade oil formulas. Natural elements are preferred for their superior practical applications as well as for their metaphysical properties. The finished painting is many layers of sheer color and delicate glazes. The artistic techniques are a fusion of many traditional forms of creating art.”