Igor Josifov

Igor Josifov is a Macedonian performance artist who attended the School of Applied Arts in Skopje, Macedonia and started his secondary education and career in San Francisco, California. In his performances, the body is a medium that translates his personal and cultural experience into a broader context.
Josifov’s work is based on psychoanalytic perception and the cultural and moral realties of contemporary living. The subject of his work deals with identity, death, loss, and social commentary. He uses concept as the first and most crucial part of the process and then uses the medium and its symbolic function to support the concept as an element. After years of experience with all mediums he decided that the most important and primary medium is his body – it is a common form that communicates his own experience and reflects the viewer’s own ideas of self. The liberation of the body in his work has a metaphoric meaning for the freedom of people in the contemporary world.