Gregg Albracht

“My life’s passion started in the summer of 1969 when I had the opportunity to see a portfolio of fine art photographs. In a brief moment I was mezmorized by their richness and beauty…it was in that moment that photography took a hold of me and I discovered what was to become my life’s work. To experience a magical moment when everything is just a perfect rare thing, but when it happens, to be there to capture it, experience it…to hold that moment forever in a photograph is what drives my life. Even today, over 40 years later, there is nothing I’d rather do than grab the cameras, get in the car, and go out and take photographs. My passion for photography is stronger than ever. Although I’d rather be in a field of horses than a room full of people, one of the greatest parts of being a photographer is sharing my love of the creative moment with others.”

“Once Upon A Time”

This photograph was taken in 1999 in Custer State Park, South Dakota where there is a yearly round up of over 1,000 buffalo. The herd is brought in to holding pens where they are culled and the health of the animals is checked. Thousands of people show up from all over the world to witness the event.