Greg Mort

“Stars Above is a muse to the mysteries and beauty of our night sky, the gift that belongs to all mankind. As night descends around the world, every human being is wrapped, enveloped in the blanket of stars called the Milky Way. It speaks to us in a universal language and offers unlimited inspiration for every age. The stars and planets are those rare constant lifelong companions that travel with us throughout our lifetime. As I gaze up at a star-filled sky, I often wonder about my fellow Earth dwellers on the other side of the globe and hope they have clear skies as well,” say the artist Greg Mort.

As an American artist, Mort is considered one of the foremost contemporary painters and a preeminent influence on art in the twenty-first century. His unmistakably modern creations have the classic feel of the Dutch Masters but are juxtaposed with startlingly modern designs. His portraits, still lifes, and landscapes are included in many prominent private collections and public art institutions including the Smithsonian, Corcoran Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Academy Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, and Bradywine River Museum. Mort divides his time between Ashton, Maryland, and Port Clyde, Maine. An amateur astronomer, Mort established the not-for-profit family foundation, The Art of Stewardship, in 2008 to support artists’ expressions of environmental awareness and stewardship of the earth through art.