George Pali

In 1991 I graduated from Michigan State University, Master in Fine Arts (Studio Arts). Right after graduation moved back to New York. Moving to NY had a major influence shaping me as an artist, and there is no better place to mature in visual arts. My work evolved to focus on the themes of music and memories, events shapes and colors that influence my daily life.

The prominence of the music and instruments as art objects is quite notable in my paintings. In my childhood I went to music school for eight years where I played the violin and guitar. I chose not to become a musician because my interest in colors and shapes was far more intense than the interest in sounds. But still, shapes and colors of instruments are very much “the music to my eyes.”
I do consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed a mesmerizing (but now faded) culture so far removed our “modern” world. I studied folk cosmography, motifs, and compositions which aided in the creation of my love for details, picturesque tones, and understanding of texture. At the folklore festivals, I witnessed some very unique scenes that still strongly impact my art work-drummers, dancers, singers of folk music are still vivid to this day in my memories. They are quite helpful and inspiring in my work directly and indirectly.

Many times I incorporate collages of musical notes in my paintings and other textured objects to create flat and two dimensional impressions. Real and unrecognized imagery, parts of musical instruments and other objects (related to them) give me the upper hand in creating interesting and spontaneous “Jazz” and “Classic” compositions.

Aside from music, everyday life, reading, traveling, visiting galleries and art museums, have a direct influence in my paintings. I have been very fortunate to have quite a few Art Galleries representing me throughout US, and my oil paintings are collected in US, Europe and Asia.