Felipe Galindo

Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. US citizen. BFA Visual Arts, National University of Mexico.
Felipe Galindo (aka Feggo) is a fine artist, illustrator, cartoonist and independent animator. His humorous drawings have appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Newsday, Reader’s Digest, Mad, Nickelodeon, Narrative, The International Herald Tribune and many oher publications worldwide.
He is the creator of the celebrated project “Manhatitlan: Mexican and American Cultures Intertwined,” which includes works on paper, exhibitions, animations and a book of the same title.

2011 “Day of The Dead”, Azucarera Gallery, Harlem, NYC.
2011 “Used/Reused” Mark Miller Gallery, NYC.
2011 “Manhatitlan”, Interchurch Center Galleries, NYC.
2010 “Between The Lines”, Columbia University Research Centers, NYC.
2009 “All the World in Manhattan” Boricua College, NYC.
2009 “Manhatitlan Codex” Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ.
2009 “Feggo in NY” Feria de Libro y Artes, Mazatlan, Mexico.
2008 “Manhatitlan Codex” Grady Alexis Gallery, New York, NY.
2007 “Manhatitlan” Berkeley College, New York, NY
2007 “Manhatitlan” St. John’s University, New York, NY.
2005 “New York Drawings” PhilosophyBox Gallery, New York, NY.
2004 “Manhatitlan and Manhattan” Grady Alexis Gallery, New York, NY.
2004 “The Whole Enchilada!” Zona Rosa, New York, NY.
1999 “The Manhatitlan Chronicles” Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, NY.
1999 “Our Man in New York” Morelos Cultural Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
1997 “The Humorous Art of Feggo” Fournos Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.
1997 “Humor de mis Humores” Diego Rivera Gallery, Cancun, Mexico.
1996 “It’s a Jungle Out There!” Barnes & Noble Gallery, New York City.
1993 “Cats and Other Creatures” Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, NY.
1993 “Cats will be Cats” Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
1992 “Funny Lines” Olympia & York Gallery, New York City.
1989 “Feggomanias” Convento de S.Domingo, S.Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.
1983 “The Art of Feggo” Tecolote Gallery, Mexico City.
1982 “Drawings by Feggo” Zacan Cultural Center, Michoacan, Mexico.
1982 “Feggo: Humorous Drawings” UAM Gallery, Mexico City.
1978 “Linea y Plano” National School of Arts Gallery, UNAM, Mexico City.
2012 “No Man is a Desert Island” Mark Miller Gallery, NY (May), “Manhatitlan” City College of
New York (September), “George Washington visits Washington Heights” Morris-Jumel Mansion,
NY (Fall).
2012 Second Prize, Porto Cartoon International Festival, Portugal.
2012 MCAF project grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
2011 People’s Prize, Knnoke-Heist Humor Festival, Belgium.
2011 NoMMA Individual Artist Grant. New York City.
2011 MCAF grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
2010 National Association of Latino Arts & Culture, project grant.
2010 NoMMA Individual Artist Grant. New York City.
2009 MCAF grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
2009 Puffin Foundation project grant.
2008 Honorable Mention, International Humor Salon, Mazatlan, Mexico.
2008 MCAF grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
2007 Honorable Mention, International Humor Festival, Athens, Greece.
2007 United Nations Correspondence Association Citation Award.
2007 National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Grant.
2006 Puffin Foundation project grant.
2006 Invited Artist, International Humorous Art Conference, Greece.
2003 Best Animation, Cambridge Latino Film Festival, Boston, MA.
2001 Latino Public Broadcasting Interstitial Project Funding Grant.
2000 New York Council for the Arts Media Arts Award.
2000″Mesquite Award” Best Experimental, CineFestival, San Antonio, TX.
2000 “President’s Award”, Ajijic Film Festival, Jalisco, Mexico.
2000 Imagen Foundation Finalist, Hollywood CA.
1998 US/Mexico Fund for Culture Grant, Rockefeller Foundation, Media Arts.
1998 “People’s Choice Award” Omiya Festival, Omiya City Hall, Japan.
1994 “America Nell Palone” Foligno, Italy, Honorable Mention.
1993 “Eugene Boe Humor Award” First Prize, New York Foundation for Arts, NY.
1988 “Sports and Art” Puerto Rico Olympic Committee, Merit Award.
1988 Absolut Design, Spy Magazine, NY. Second Prize.
1982 “The World for Peace” Guadalajara, Mexico, Honorable Mention.
2012: Comics: Under The Influence, Lehman College Art Gallery, NY.
2011: El Museo’s (S) Files Biennial, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn & Lehman College, NY
NYFA at 4Heads Governor’s Island Art Fair, NYC
“September 11: Past, Present, Future” Grady Alexis Gallery, NYC
“Timely & Timeless: New Comic Art Acquisitions” Library of Congress, Washington DC”
“Hispanic Month Heritage Celebration”, Newark Library, NJ
“Memories: Past and Present” Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum, NYC
“Uptown Arts Review”, NoMAA Gallery, NYC.
Knnoke-Heist Humor Festival, Belgium.
Numerous additional group exhibitions, notable venues include: New York City: United Nations
Headquarters, NYC; Ellis Island Museum, The Museum of American Illustration, NYC, The
Bronx Museum of the Arts; Art in General, NYC, Parsons School of Design, NYC, The Micro
Museum, Brooklyn, The New Yorker Magazine Gallery, Islip Art Museum, Islip, Exit Art Gallery,
NYC, The New York Times Gallery, NYC, The Alternative Museum, NYC. Benaki Museum,
Athens, Greece; Vianden Castle Museum, Luxembourg; Katzen Arts Center & Mexican Cultural
Institute, Washington DC, The Sammlung Karikaturen Museum, Basel, Switzerland;
Schneidertempel Arts Center, Istanbul, Turkey; Poland: Cooper Museum, Legnica, Museum of
Caricature, Warsaw; Concert Hall Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia; Portugal: Museu Nacional da
Imprensa, Porto, Palacio dos Aciprestes, Linda-Velha; Belgium: Casino Beringen Gallery,
Limburg; Dan Panorama Gallery, Haifa, Israel; Ankara State Art Museum, Turkey; Germany:
Wilhem Bush Museum, Hannover, National Museum Wijrtemberg, Sttutgart; Heuvel Galerie,
Eindhoven, Holland; Osten Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia; City Hall Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil;
National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento, Italy, Terre
des Hommes Center, Montreal, Canada; Olympic Committee Galleries, Puerto Rico; Musee
d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; France. Mexico: Culturas Populares Museum, Mexico City;
National School of Arts Gallery, Mexico City; Hospicio Cabanas, Guadalajara, Mexico; Carrillo
Gil Museum, Mexico City; Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City; Museo de Ciencias y
Artes, UNAM, Mexico City, Japan: Saitama City Humor Center, Omiya City Hall Gallery,
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan.
“No Man is a Desert Island” Jorge Pinto Books, New York (publication date: May 2012.)
“Manhatitlan: Mexican and American Cultures Intertwined” Jorge Pinto Books, New York.
“My Teacher Can Teach…Anyone!” Illustrator, Lee & Low Books, 2006.
“Cats Will Be Cats” Author-cartoonist, Plume/Penguin, 1992.
“College Slang 101” Illustrator, Spectacle Lane Press, 1989.
“Pasa a mi casa”, Illustrator, Houghton Mifflin, 1997.
“Signals in the City” illustrator, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill,1997.
“Make a difference” Illustrator, McGraw-Hill,1997.
“Ghost writer” Illustrator, Bantam Books,1992.
Work included in numerous international cartoon anthologies.
2008 Public Art commission Arts for Transit Program, MTA, NY. 231st Street Subway Station.
2006 Humorous Art Banners, Patras, Europe’s Culture Capital, Greece.
US Clients include: The New York Times, The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, Mad Kids,
Nickelodeon, Reader’s Digest, Newsday, Inxart.com, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, AdAge,
National Law Journal, TV411, Children Television Workshop, Time, The Progressive, Barron’s.
International clients include: International Herald Tribune (France), The Spectator, Prospect,
Oldie and Private Eye (England), Red Bulletin (Austria), Nebelspalter (Switzerland), Hauser
(Germany), Para Pente (Greece), Ode (Netherlands).
2010 Panelist, Arts for Transit Program, Metropolitan Transit Authority, NY.
2010 Panelist, Bronx Council on the Arts, Grant Awards Program, Bronx, NY.
2008 Panelist, Media Arts Fellowships, Tribeca Film Institute, NY.
2007 Panelist, Altar contest, Day of the Dead Celebration, El Museo del Barrio, NY.
Arts for Transit Program, Metropolitan Transit Authority NY; Rutgers University, NJ; New York
University, NYC; Fordham University, Bronx NY; School of Visual Arts, NYC; The Grady Alexis
Gallery, NYC;
St. John’s University, NY; Berkeley College, NYC; Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City;
University of Sinaloa in Mazatlan, Mexico; Newark Library, NJ; Ridgefield Library, CT.
2011 El Museo del Barrio’s Bienal of Latino Art, WNYC, Gisele Regatao, 6/14
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