Eva LeWitt

New York sculptor Eva LeWitt creates site-specific works in soft, pliable, and responsive materials like acetate, latex and foam. Her abstract compositions address sculptural concerns such as volume and weight and the tension between industrial and handmade fabrication.

Her use of semi-transparent, semi-absorptive mediums allows for subtle renderings of opacity and tone. Typically an interplay of color and light is present in her works and the spaces where they are installed.

The artist arranges interconnected networks of hard-edged and sensual shapes that stack, bend, fold and are suspended together to create a single work. The artist’s openness to manipulating and accommodating the properties of her materials mirrors their pliable natures.

LeWitt is a graduate of Bard College. A solo exhibition of her work is currently on view at The Jewish Museum in New York and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.