Emmett Kyoshi Wilson

Emmett Kyoshi Wilson joined us on May 9th, 2005 and unbeknownst to his parents, Kathy and Paul, E came to us with Down Syndrome. This incredible child, who is both Japanese and American, carries an extra chromosome, which some consider a disability. If you study his work and meet him in person, that extra chromosome is anything but.
A paintbrush landed in his hand at four, and from that day, painting has been Emmett’s strongest means of communication. Holding and writing with a pencil are a challenge but put a brush or charcoal in its place and he’s not only ambidextrous but completely brilliant. His abstract work is a peek into his exquisite mind, body and soul.
Each of Emmett’s pieces includes a purposeful process and each stage is approached with intense vision. There is no influencing him in color, shape, size or subject. In fact, if you’re bugging him, you’ll be asked to leave the room…just ask his mom!
Emmett’s current collection includes 36 paintings, with several series. We’ve created artist’s proofs in very limited quantities, as well as tee shirts, hoodies, blankets, posters and limited edition Giclee prints.
Emmett is a performer at heart, with a passion for ventriloquism, dancing and singing…this is a special person we have on our hands. After experiencing his work, you’ll understand his slogan, coined by Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when we are born to stand out.”
Emmett lives in Glenview, IL and is a 6th grader at Springman Middle School.